Amnon – A Fresh Perspective by Basil Raj Kunnel


Films are the strongest and the most powerful medium to share thoughts/expressions/ideas/ events in the whole world! It instantly intrigues the individual with a strong passion towards a subject.

Adding to this way Amnon (2014) Helmed by Director Basil Raj Kunnel, Amnon is a movie about a morning jogger who is confronted with a trial to confess and to escape the ghosts of his past after he receives a series of texts that points out to the inevitable end of his life if he doesn’t set right what he wronged.

He struggles to make sense of the events only to realize he is the cause of what is happening. The movie was officially premiered at Palm Spring International Short Fest and Film Market 2016.

Its official screening took place at Tuzla Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) Video Challenge, Cyprus saw the movie as one of the competitors. Amnon was the debut movie of Kunnel where he donned the cap of director.

Film is used for a range of goals, including education and propaganda. For that matter this movie is an eye opener in many aspects to highlight the problems of common confessions within the human mind. It can be the good for appreciation as it was appeared and exposed with world wide range of acceptance.   

About Basil Raj Kunnel:

For Kunnel, it can be said that direction was always his cup of tea as he did not pursue any professional degree for the same but got a knack of it by just assisting his friends on their movie projects and watching YouTube videos. Purely, he just followed his passion which enabled him to achieve the art of direction. He is a chemical engineer by profession.

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